South Kilvington Church of England Academy, Stockton Road, South Kilvington, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 2LR

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South Kilvington C of E Academy

Proud to be part of Elevate Multi Academy Trust

Governor Information

Local Governing Body

The three core functions of the local governing board are:

To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

To hold the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the Academy and its children;

To oversee the financial performance of the Academy and make sure its money is well spent.


And to monitor the Ofsted Framework priorities of intent, implementation, impact, behaviour & attitudes, personal development and leadership & management.


Together, the Governors are responsible for:

  • Setting aims and targets for the Academy and checking the Academy’s progress towards attaining these.

  • Monitoring how well the Academy’s policies and plans are working.

  • Accounting for the performance of the Academy and the Local Governing Body.

  • Working with the Headteacher to make sure that teaching at the Academy is effective and good quality and the children are making the best possible progress.

  • Taking general responsibility for the Academy and its budget.

  • Challenging and supporting the senior management team and taking opportunities to show interest in and appreciation of staff and children.

  • Promoting the interests of the Academy and its children in the wider community.

Types of Governors 

There are several different types of Governor:

  • Parent Governor

    Elected from parents at the Academy by parents at the Academy.

  • Staff Governor

    Elected from staff at the Academy by staff at the Academy.

  • Co-opted Governors

    Appointed by members of the Local Governing Body. They are intended to be representative of the local community and may add particular kinds of expertise.

  • Foundation Governor    Foundation governors are representatives of the Church of England. 

    The local vicar is normally appointed as the 'ex-officio' foundation governor;

    The other foundation governor will be appointed by York Diocese, following consultation with the local PCC.

Chair of Governors: Andrew Leeming


Clerk to the LGB: Dianne Mousley


Elevate Governance:

As a multi-academy trust, Elevate is a charitable company limited by guarantee. This means that Elevate is a single legal entity, but it has several Academies within its family. Currently, Elevate has 14 Primary Academies. These are mainly situated across North Yorkshire with 1 Academy in West Yorkshire.


Elevate and their Academies work in collaboration with a single shared vision. The governance structure is designed to reflect the overall responsibility of the Board of Trustees, the (operational) leadership of the CEO supported by the School Improvement Team for education and the Operational Team; for the day to day running of the Academies by the Executive Head Teachers (EHT) and Head teachers coupled with the value of local experience and understanding of the LGBs in assessing the performance of our Academy and their interaction with the local community.

Elevate has established 3 key layers of governance: 

  • Members
  • Trustees
  • Local Governors 


Although Elevate’s Trustees are accountable for all of the Academies within the Trust, it highly values the work undertaken by local governors in supporting, and challenging, our Academies and senior leadership teams to deliver high quality and inclusive education.


Elevate LGBs have a pivotal role in the overall framework of the Trust by having:

  • An in-depth knowledge and understanding of their Academies;
  • Sustaining uniqueness of their Academy whilst aligning with Elevate’s educational vision;
  • Forging and maintaining links with their community;
  • Providing the vital governance link between themselves and Trustees to enable the Trustees to carry out their responsibilities as leaders of the Trust.

The different responsibilities overseen by Trustees and Local Governors are set out in the Scheme of Delegation, which is reviewed on an annual basis.


Link to Scheme of Delegation

Link to Articles of Association

Our Governors

 Andrew Leeming: Co opted governor and Chair


Andrew is a parent to one child at South Kilvington. He currently works as Head of Strategy for the York and North Yorkshire Enterprise Partnership, a public-private partnership supporting economic growth across the area. A strategic thinker with a specific interest in ensuring that South Kilvington CE School offers the best primary education offer in the area, plays a key role in its local community, and continues to be a happy and engaging school for generations to come.

 Teresa Forthergill: Co opted governor

Teresa lives in South Kilvington with her husband, has 5 grown up children and 3 grandchildren. She is a qualified teacher with leadership qualifications, experience in special educational needs, early years and KS1. Committed to supporting the academy, staff, and pupils, she is dedicated to ensuring the successful journey continues. Teresa enjoys her weekly sessions volunteering in school, helping in Class 1, and getting involved in activities like Drumba and Forest School.

Stephen Butterworth: Headteacher

Stephen was appointed Headteacher in January 2021 and is very passionate about helping the Academy develop and improve, providing excellent learning opportunities for all children. Stephen enjoys being part of a supportive yet challenging Governing Body and welcome innovative ideas regarding school improvement. Stephen is passionate about making South Kilvington the best it can be for the children and its community.

 Rachel Waller: Staff governor

Rachel was appointed as a Senior Leader at South Kilvington Primary School in September 2022 and is extremely invested in, and passionate about moving South Kilvington forward, ensuring that we provide excellent learning opportunities for all. Rachel enjoys being part of a supportive yet challenging Governing Body where new initiatives and ideas are discussed and embraced regarding school improvement. Rachel is passionate about making the school the best it can be for the children and its community.


Mrs Andrea Hampshire: Parent governor

Andrea is Mum to 3 children at South Kilvington and is a qualified teacher.  She currently works part time at a local nursery school, volunteers at the local library as a pre-school storyteller and supports the care needs of her child with disabilities. 

Chris Dallison: Parent governor 

Parent governor-

The Revd Derek Simpson: Ex Officio Foundation

 Derek is Rector of Thirsk, and leads the clergy and lay team of the 4 congregations of the Church of England Benefice of Thirsk. He is also a Company Director, experienced Charity Trustee and before ordination worked in the Insurance Industry. He is married with 3 grown up children and (so far) 1 grandchild.

 Richard Grant: Foundation governor (pending)







Name of Business

Nature of Business and Interest

Steve Butterworth




Ex officio

 South Kilvington Academy



Rachel Waller





 South Kilvington Academy



Rev Derek Simpson


Teaching & Learning, RE, Parish/School Team, Leads Assemblies and School Worship

Ex officio



 Richard Grant




 Application Pending 



Chris Dallison


Vice chair











Andrea Hampshire



SEND / Pupil Premium; English (reading, writing and phonics); EYFS and Health & Wellbeing




Andrew Leeming

Co opted


Safeguarding; leadership & finance




Teresa Fothergill

Co opted







Helen Fox as a co opted governor on 02.03.2023

John White term of office ended 01.09.2023

Geoff Colls term of office ended 27.03.2023


Governor Attendance

Attendance for 2022-2023


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