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South Kilvington C of E Academy

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Physical Education

We have now received the School Games Platinum award for 4 consecutive years. Here is what our SGO has to say about our commitment to sport and PE:

South Kilvington have as they always do, have had a great year. This is due to the leadership of the school and the staff that are heavily involved in everything the school thrives to do.
Each pupil is given the opportunity to participate in a number of opportunities that the school offer. They have added to previous years, highlighting the importance of PE and Sport within their schools setting.
For a small school, they are always at the front, leading the way. They are fully engaged in working with myself as an SGO.

We truly believe that there is a sport for everyone. We endeavour to deliver outstanding PE across the whole school that provides opportunities for children to be physically active, compete in a range of new and exciting sports and lead a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.



  • Children find a sport that they love.
  • Children thoroughly enjoy being physically active and have the confidence to participate in different sports.
  • Opportunities for children to practise skills in a range of activities and to have the highest of expectations of themselves when performing these individually, in small groups and within a team.
  • Children apply learnt skills and tactics into a range of different team games.
  • Children develop high levels of physical fitness through being active for sustained periods of time.
  • Children understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and healthy nutrition.
  • Children become advocates of PE and confidently talk about their achievements.



  • The National Curriculum for PE is taught to all year groups.
  • We follow  Beyond the Physical scheme of learning that focuses on ensuring skills, knowledge and vocabulary are explicitly taught to all children in a sequential way.
  • Sequencing of lessons allows for children to connect previously taught knowledge from the PE curriculum to new learning in order to help make connections and understand new learning. 
  • Trio Time is used to retrieve and reinforce previously taught knowledge in order to consolidate prior learning, this is discussed verbally at the start of PE lessons.
  • A clear progression in knowledge and skills taught throughout the school is in place and all staff are aware of how to implement this. Teachers assess and adapt learning for all children so all children, specifically Special Educational Needs and Pupil Premium children are supported and challenged. 
  • Providing a range of extra-curricular sports for all children to participate in after school, dinner time and throughout the day at various points.
  • Investing in the School Sports Partnership to allow all pupils to participate in competitions with local schools
  • Investing in highly specialist PE coaches to work alongside teachers, ensuring teacher remain up-skilled by providing them with a wealth of engaging and innovative teaching ideas.
  • Providing opportunities for sporting professionals to visit the pupils and inspire them by sharing their achievements
  • Sports Leaders promoting positive attitudes towards PE and motivating their peers into becoming passionate, respectful young athletes.
  • Implementing brain break challenges into lessons to ensure children are engaged in their learning and an opportunity for them to be physically active.



  • Children make outstanding progress in PE and enjoy participating in sport.
  • Children are all physically active.
  • Children understand the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Children have an increased confidence in a range of sports.
  • Children take up a variety of sports. This is enabled by the nurture and relationships between staff and children.
  • Children talk confidently about PE and their learning.
Drumba is used to enhance our PE curriculum
Drumba is used to enhance our PE curriculum